Chillr office, sprawled across 2816 sq. ft. of area, is remarkable with its double height and the glass facade that boosts its volume.

Aum Architects was invited on board to create a minimal yet dynamic workplace that would retain the open and voluminous nature of the space, while keeping the ambience ‘un-official’, like that of a coffee shop. Areas had to be differentiated for a few formal interactions, while creating a sense of one seamless distinct space.

And yes, it had to be functional as well: an environment that would help nurture the office culture and improve employee communication.  The design team’s solution: An open office without visual barriers.

Ar. Manish Dikshit, the leading consultant at Aum Architects decided not to segregate functions with barriers but let spaces flow into one another.

The private functions were pushed away from the voluminous double height space; the more social lounge occupies this area. A snack bar counter runs parallel to the glass facade, doubles up as a work station area and is ideal for small discussions. Fluid meeting rooms have been created, some that can be merged, another that is private.

The overall design is functionally and aesthetically transparent. During the start of the day, most users are at their centrally located workstations, and shift to the lounge area during the latter part of the day.

The ideology driving this workspace design is to enable the inhabitants to functionally utilize most of the available space throughout this “un-office”.  On stepping out of the lift, one is welcomed by a solid main door with the brand name; the logo, custom-made in stainless steel and powder coated, serves a dual purpose of being used as a handle as well as for branding.

The wallpapers have been customized to merge with the colourfulness of the entire site. The fixed furniture colour palette has been kept neutral and the playfulness brought in through lights and loose furniture.

Ar. Manish Dikshit,

Leading Consultant, Aum Architects

Aum Architects, a renowned Interior Design & Architectural consulting firm, has built a diverse port-folio reflecting Dikshit’s experience in handling challenging projects, backed by the latest and most advanced technology.

Manish, a gold medallist in architecture, has created award winning designs: from designing kindergartens to townships. He has imparted knowledge from his experiences at world architectural events, lectures in top design schools etc. He has a keen eye for detail and that is seen in his designs. His ingenious approach for every project ensures optimum usability of space while making it aesthetically functional.


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