Modern India’s multi-generational workforce increasingly wants freedom and choice in terms of where it works from and how it works. Employees today, would prefer to work from workspaces that are informal, allow collaboration and make them feel at home. At Godrej Interio, we call it COME HOME to OFFICE.

SOCIAL OFFICE is an attempt to give office workers the choice and freedom they seek. It enables organisations to leverage the power of Informal and Formal Employee Networks and build SOCIAL CAPITAL. As thought leaders, Godrej Interio helps in creating a social work environment which harnesses the power of face to face interactions and helps in sparking creativity.

The Social Office typology has 3 main zones, namely, INTERACT, IMMERSE and REJUVENATE, all three connected to the central theme of a social and collabo-rative work environment.

Characteristics of a Social Office: Social Office empowers employees through choice, giving them control of their space and their day at work.

Social Office creates the sort of informal and pleasing environment that makes people want to be at work, and to meet and interact. The result is more ideas, better ideas and a strong sense of belonging.

Under the Social Office Range, Godrej Interio offers thirty unique furniture objects that can be used to create various work settings and spaces that are informal, break monotony and make people feel at home.

Social office v/s Open office: Social Office breaks away from the typical concept of an open office. It consists of elements like poufs, stools, enclosed seating, sofas, quirky lamps, armchairs and other such elements that create a home-like feel in the office. The materials used include wood, soft fabrics and bright colors making Social Office a warm, inviting space that people want to be at, not one that they want to escape from, to be at cafes or at home instead.

Impact on employee wellness, employee engagement: The sense of freedom and choice offered by Social Office contributes to creating a sense of control and thereby a satisfaction with one’s work situation. Also when organizations put an effort into creating welcoming spaces like a Social Office, employees find themselves happier to be at work than away on leave.

* Data Source: Recent research conducted by Godrej Interio, across 100 Indian organisations.