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The spacious residential apartment, sprawled across 3000 sqft., has been designed and developed as an experience in ultimate luxury. The architect has used colours, forms and textures that indulge your senses, while keeping the space modern and exquisite. Amit Porwal, Principal Designer and Director, IPIPL, believes that good design constitutes an essential part of good living.

Every corner in this free-flowing space holds surprises for the visitor. At the very entrance of the home lies a long corridor with storage, designed with clean lines that invite one to the inner space. Speaking of the corridor, Amit shares, “The certain pathway to all things that one wants is through the corridor of joy – welcomed with wall sconces.”

In the inner sanctum, the design palette used is matte olive green with glossy PU finish, along with Satvario thin tiles with gold insert. Each section has a distinctive feature that sets its apart from the ordinary. The dining area comprises of an oriental marble table with a golden jail at the bottom. A charming revolving TV unit serves as a dividing wall between the living and the dining room.

The living room entices with a contemporary sofa, flanked by the Italian visionnaire provincial chairs. The deep blue velvet of the sofa is offset by cold coffee palette and the deep brown marble top pedestal cocktail table.

In the master bedroom, the walk-in wardrobe with rosy pink PU finish and beveled mirror is the height of luxury design for the fashionable. Here, a spectacular foam headboard crowns the bed in hues of brown, serving as the centerpiece for the room. The second bedroom makes a graphic statement with clean lines, coupled with the mirror-effect of the bronze panel on the feature wall.

The U-shaped kitchen, designed for maximum storage, is pepped up with a panel of vibrant orange. The architect must be commended for striking the right balance between indulgent luxury and fine elegance.

About Amit Porwal
Principal Designer, Icon Projects Inspace Pvt. Ltd.

An alumnus of Rachna Sansad of Interior Design and Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management, Amit has acquired Diploma in Interior Design and Construction Mgmt. from these institutes, respectively. As the steward of this award-winning interiors firm, Amit’s passion lies in stretching the conceptual possibilities of every project with uncompromising attention to detail. With a vision to keep the designs sensitive to context, client and environment, the IPIPL team employs pure form of design to create ‘responsible interiors’, constantly exploring new paradigms and pushing boundaries.


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