As this issue has looked at how water is being considered the new real estate, we would like to showcase how Godrej Interio has been taking proactive steps to conserve this precious resource and putting it to good use across its premises.

Rain water harvesting is an important feature of building design in the form of rooftop collection system, collection and storage tanks, recharging to bore well and pits. Godrej Interio’s Vikhroli plant in Mumbai has rain water harvesting potential of 83% while that at Shirwal Phase 1 is 96%.

Water is one of the most important substances on earth. We, on our journey of Water Positive, always seek opportunities to conserve and harvest water. The rain water harvesting was an integral part of new Shirwal plant design and Godrej Interio adopted the innovative option of Ulta Chhaata for the same.

Shirwal is a speedily developing village with lots of industrial development around. The agriculture growth and industrialization is coupled with the increase in water demand in the area. With establishment of Godrej Interio Phase 2 unit in Shirwal, the water requirement of GI also has increased. The growing imbalance between demand and supply was fast becoming one of the potential risks to the businesses.

Godrej Interio implemented a unique Rain water harvesting system i.e., Ulta Chhaata, provided with multilayer physical filtration & maximum water catchment area at Shirwal Phase 2. The project is first of its kind in India. The system is linked to the 200 feet bore-well for water recharging & domestic water storage tank of capacity 100000 Liters.

With implementation of Ulta Chhaata project, Plant Shirwal has achieved the capability to harvest and filter up to 385000 liters during the rainy season. This has reduced the water dependency of Plant on river water. The project would help in increasing the underground water level also by bore-well recharging system.

As the future of urban development looks outwards to rivers and oceans to set up new communities, doing our bit to conserve water and use it judiciously is a responsibility we take very seriously at Godrej Interio. We look forward to achieving even greater success in the coming years with the Ulta Chhaata initiative.