While malls are spaces that help people connect beyond offices, there has been a growing need felt for similar spaces in work environment as well. From open offices to break out zones to spaces that let in more daylight, to offices with green areas where office workers can step out of air-conditioned cubicles into sunny parks to breathe in some fresh air…employers have been experimenting with all these concepts and more.

To provide such creative spaces to its work force, Godrej Interio has set up Hubble at its Vikhroli premises, a space that showcases spaces that can adapt to many purposes, and which can be experienced differently during different times of the day, by simply shifting over to another corner in the vast space.

This dynamic workspace acts as a home to ideas, fun, interaction and imagination. It embodies Godrej Interio’s love for new and engaging ideas that made it easy to name this wonderful little zone ‘The Hubble’. It has its roots in the words ‘hub’ and ‘bubble’ that denote energy. And it’s also a respectful nod to the Hubble Space Telescope, a machine used to capture the extraordinary.

As with contemporary mall spaces, the Hubble is not a space designed to be any one thing. It could be anything the employees want it to be. It could be your quiet corner away from the world to get some work done, or it could be a bustling centre of activity where you can voice exciting new ideas.

It’s a 20,000 square feet zone of white space with industrial style floors and stripped black ceilings, with an eclectic mix of modern and retro furniture that add bursts of colours to it. True to its collaborative nature, The Hubble was created by 15 designers from across Godrej & Boyce.

True to the meeting spaces of today, it offers a variety of foods for employees to choose from, the large glass walls look out to the eastern skies, while the skylights make it delightful to enjoy the sun even while sitting in the interiors. The space has been divided into formal, informal, casual and stylized zones.

Near the entrance is an area designated for exhibits, art shows and even art installations that are a regular feature in this space. Making The Hubble a perfect complement to the vast corporate floors that make up Godrej Interio.