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Apurva Bose Dutta, the popular Architectural Journalist, recently launched her first book: Architectural Voices of India: A Blend of Contemporary and Traditional Ethos, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK. The book launch was held at Sir JJ College of Architecture, amidst an eceletic audience and lovers of architecture.

About the book
It features the journeys of 17 iconic architects of India through conversations, and, simultaneously assimilates their thoughts, perspectives and visions to understand where the architecture and building industry is heading in the global context.

Why the book
During her journey of architectural journalism, and her inter-actions with many architects and allied professionals from the industry she felt it was important to bring forth their thoughts on their own journeys and architecture. Writing the book has given her the opportunity to be a medium through which thoughts, work and philosophies of Indian architects can reach the readers.

Apurva’s sharings on her book
“There are a lot of ongoing discussions on whether architecture shapes the society or the society should influence the architects. For me, it’s a two-way thing:  Considering the requirements of the society, the architects have to go ahead to shape the societies, and their cities.”

In her book, Apurva probes into the journeys of the featured architects, which to her are truly inspirational and symbolic of strength, passion, hard work and perseverance. The book has major takeaways for the students of architecture too.

She goes on to say that most of the architects were very forthcoming with their views. Many statements in the book are far from being diplomatic, they reflect the current state of the profession, the recognition it is getting (or not getting!), the educational system in India and the people connected to the industry. The coming together of the views of 17 illustrious Indian architects who belong to different genre, different methods of designing, different specialisations, is the USP of this book.

Apurva Bose Dutta Architectural Journalist
An award-winning architectural journalist from Bengaluru,  Apurva began her career with India’s leading magazines, Architec-ture+Design and Indian Architect & Builder. She later went on to work with numerous print and digital publications, organisations and firms related to the architecture & building industry, in India and overseas. She has also been taking initiatives to increase the visibility of architectural journalism in India.





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