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Talk of roofs, and a host of forms flit across the mind’s eye: from traditional thatch roofs to domed circular ones, gabled roofs, roofs with shingles, metal and of course, the ubiquitous flat concrete and water proof mosaic roofs of the contemporary era.

Roofs innately have a core function to perform: to protect the inhabitants from the elements and the weather, and to be sturdy enough to keep the structure safe for decades. The material used for roofing technically defines the kind of walls the structure will require, and thereby is a core consideration in structural design.

While historical architecture everywhere is marked by distinctive roofs, our recent urban architecture paid little of no attention to this element from a design perspective. Most high-rises have been built with flat roofs that host neon signs as elements of identity of these structures.

New thinking in roofing: In the last decade, the pendulum has swung back, and architects have once again been experimenting with how roofs can be used as a fifth fa├žade in construction.

Today roofs are being re-imagined by architects to create innovative experiences; from large skylit atria in public spaces to highly advanced open-close roofs in sports stadiums and recreational spaces. Also from a functional point of view, the roof today is expected to do much more: insulate the inner spaces and keep energy costs low, provide waterproofing and protection from elements to facilitate minimal wear and tear over the years, and of course, be the host for solar panels for the next generation of clean energy sources.

Roofs are shaped by many factors:

A quick look at the many roofing solutions being implemented for projects across the world reveals architects are looking into the future and also into the past when it comes to exploring new horizons in roofing solutions.

With roofing needs of each community varying due to weather, social, economic and even political conditions, it makes for an interesting review to see how architects respond to the varying needs of the communities they build for.

Come, join us for a bird’s eye-view of roofs across the world, and you may just find one that’s ideal for your next project.

Roofs make for city skylines, adding character and soul to our settlements. Across centuries, roofs have served as material statements of the progress and technological development of society. As we step into the era of clean energy and smart cities, our roofs, once again, are being called upon to service our needs. From new materials, technologies to designs, architects are experimenting with every element of roofing systems to redefine our future buildings.