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Open discussions on Science and Robotics, plays woven around new concepts of culture and value, sharing of information compiled and analysed over powerpoint presentations… these are just some of the activities in a typical school day today.

These interactions and learning processes merit new school architecture to nurture and groom the students to new standards of excellence.

Making of a good contemporary school
Today a good school comprises of wide open corridors with hubs for informal learning, creative unstructured spaces and flexible classrooms. Of course, course curriculum, faculty and management are definitely a very integral part of the education equation, but with more and more schools choosing to align to global standards, the learning process is presumed to be in place by parents.

The real differentiator then becomes the physical infrastructure that a school or a college is able to provide its students. This is important where schools promote independent thinking, research and open learning. The very basis of this kind of education demands flexible classrooms, lowered levels of instruction and restrictions, and a platform where young minds are invited to explore, question and push the envelope of existing knowledge.

Discover for the enquiring mind
That is what Discover study table and chair are designed for. In an era where modular is the preferred form of creating spaces, this thoughtfully designed education equipment is complete in itself. In the contemporary classroom, Discover invites students and teachers to quite literally ‘discover’ new ideas, concepts and connections. The clean lines of design make them safe and aesthetic for the learning spaces. While the table and the chair are equipped to be moved around into different settings with minimal chaos and noise, they are yet stable enough to provide students comfortable seating for long hours.

The Discover table takes into consideration the various uses of the table. It table has a prop that allows the student to prop up the book while reading and writing, the storage area under the table top makes for easy access to study material and stationery. For the school bag, a mesh has been provided under the chair along with a hook on the side of the table as well.

As a set, Discover fully serves the in-class needs of the student and teacher. It can be used for traditional read and write sessions, and can also be moved around during the flipped classroom sessions as well. The ergonomic design allows students sufficient individual space for sitting and working during the long hours of school. Making Discover the perfect starting point when it comes to getting the students to sit up and listen as the teacher prepares to take off into the future with of Physics, Chemistry or make a trip into the past with History.