The evolving nature of modern businesses consistently prompts organizations to relook at their work cultures and work flow patterns. The recent years have seen a lot of activity in the office space as companies moved from open work cultures to telecommuting to small teams…  the shifts in the way employees interact with each other have been many and quite significant.

For us at Godrej Interio, this has meant being at the forefront of changing customer demands and working on office solutions and workstations that facilitate the best in support and productivity. Habitat, a fluid office system, has taken the concept of workstations to a whole new level.

This system has gone beyond the standard design consideration where the design team looks to pre-empt the needs of the customers and design furniture and offices spaces accordingly. Habitat is collection of free-standing and moving elements that can be aligned in a given space as per the needs of an individual or a team.

Today, it is an accepted fact that for highest levels of productivity, an employee must have private space, interaction space and discussion space. With small teams collaborating extensively during projects, the flexibility of Habitat workstations meets the need of the hour.

Designed for the modern agile office, the system has lots to offer the user: Each element is equipped with castors; workstations consist of mobile tables and fixed ledges where PC users can place their computers and accessories; the tables can also be stacked away when not in use. The versatility of the individual pieces means much more can be done in any given space: from sit-down discussions, stand up meetings to focused work by individuals.

Further, the system has been designed to ensure the shifts and moves do not cause disturbance to other stakeholders in and around the area. As the name suggests, Habitat helps teams create a nurturing ecosystem in which users can create, recreate, regulate and optimize the environment to create the setting they need, in optimal timelines.

HABITAT : Creating ecosystems for the evolving workspace

  • Mobile, Modular, Stackable
  • Enables smooth transitions from one task to another
  • Innovative path-breaking design
  • Intuitive-adaptive and non-interruption host to a range of work flows