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When it comes to developing products that will stand the test of time, the Godrej Storwell wins the game, hands down. As a product, it is an icon of reliability, safety and yes, storage in homes, offices, educational institutions and more.

The flagship of Godrej Interio range of storage products, it set a high benchmark for the other products to follow. Over the decades, Godrej Interio offerings in this segment too have evolved from heavy sturdy furniture, to the demands of the modern offices and homes. Storages have become modular, easier to move around and most importantly, considerably enhanced in terms of aesthetics.

Unite, a revolutionary multipurpose office storage system, is one of our popular offerings today. Designed to complement the modern day office spaces, this flexible and modular system can be configured in a host of different ways.

With offices having changing needs over time, this system can achieve any configuration by mixing, matching and stacking of different storage units as per your need. So whether a client is shifting offices or realigning the interiors or restructuring teams, the Unite system fits right into all of these plans.

True to the spirit of our times, it multi-tasks by serving as a storage unit and as a partition at one go. Its reverse stacking feature allows access from both sides, and the two faces of the storage unit can be fitted with varying finishes. With its attractive looks, spacious interiors and classic fittings, it has all the makings a discerning client is looking for when shopping for office storages.

When you are looking to optimise space, the Unite storage units can be stacked vertically and horizontally, making it convenient to plan the working zones, interactive aisles and backoffice areas.

For clients looking to go green, Unite Storage systems are also available in Greenguard certified options, making the product ideal for environment-conscious organisations.

To find out more about Unite, mail us at reshu@godrej.com