Making nature an integral part of our work culture has been at the forefront of Godrej Interio’s philosophy for decades; long before office gardens and living walls became popular.

This is a philosophy that has led the Godrej Interio team to build living offices for their own staff and also promote these ideas among their clients. The WABAG office in Chennai is one such client office, where Godrej Interio – 360 Degree Interior Solutions team made a conscious effort to bring nature in to the built space.

WABAG is one of the world’s leading names in water treatment plants. For its 8000 sqm Chennai office, WABAG brought Godre Interio on board to provide end to end solutions for analyzing their requirements for office space, conceptualizing architectural and design solutions to executing these to completion.

The location was to house 900 employees, with built-in flexibility for hiring more people. The client’s brief was to capture the essence of purification of water. In addition, the building would have to be green, energy efficient with inspirational workspaces.

Working with the theme of water and tranquility, the design team planned a zen garden, ship view of the sea from the conference room windows and a fish tank that brings in the element of life in the closed space. The interiors were planned to include smooth curved structures representing the fluidity of water, with open spaces that allowed unobstructed view of the complete floorspaces.

From the functionality perspective, visitor spaces, interactive spaces and isolated work zones that facilitate undisturbed activity have been clearly defined.

The vast space has been designed to have independent islands of actual water bodies with floating water lilies and others with living plants complemented; by refreshing images of nature and greenery on large walls having high visibility. All of these elements have enabled the client to provide a serene work environment, aptly interspersed with more vibrant breakout zones and work out areas.

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