With new office plans, innovation, aesthetics and functionality all play an equal role. Offices today need to be conceptualized and executed in the shortest time possible, enabling the organizations to operate from the new spaces at the earliest.

The shift in architecture is towards naturally lit spaces, giving the inhabitants of the space a sense of openness and vastness. This idea of modern offices can be achieved with large glass panels that deliver on various fronts.

In response to the needs of today’s architects and designers, Godrej is proud to present WALL partition solutions. The materials used include: Glass, Aluminum, Powder coated panels, Fabric and Laminate. The impressive glass panels are designed to function as partitions, and seamlessly integrate work surfaces, storage and accessories. The versatility of the glass and aluminum partitions makes them ideal for spaces of all types across the office.

With this recent offering from Godrej Interio, the various materials have been optimally combined to deliver partition solutions that help make new offices flexible, transparent, and truly aspirational. WALL partitions are not just about creating seating spaces. They successfully address a host of issues including those related to work flow, traffic, movement, having spaces conducive to collaboration and independent workspace, and much more.

Godrej Interio, with its decades of expertise in planning, conceptualizing executing offices for clients from bare shell to fully functional, also has its expert teams of technicians, electricians and designers. These teams work closely with the clients to better understand and deliver on their design, functional and technical needs.

WALL offers a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics
The glass partitions combined with a host of materials, offer:

  • Energy efficiency by letting light in to the inner layers of the open office plan.
  • Transparency that fosters trust among staff and clients
  • Stunning interiors
  • An overall effect of elegance and sophistication

To know about the WALL partitions system, mail us at reshu@godrej.com