While architects work on designing buildings and projects that will reduce the consumption of energy, Godrej Interio has been exploring renewable sources of energy such as Biomass to supplement its energy requirements.

Energy conservation: Key concern at Godrej Interio

Though energy makes up hardly 2% of total manufacturing spend, yet there has always been serious emphasis on saving this precious resource. Every year, planning for various energy saving projects is done during the annual business planning meeting, where budgets are sanctioned before the start of the new fiscal year.

Over the years, Godrej Interio’s energy conservation drive has focused on three major areas, 1) Plugging of energy losses, 2) Avoidance of energy usage in idling time, 3) Shifting to more energy efficient machinery and equipment.

Increasing the renewable energy component

For the last few years, Godrej Interio has consciously worked towards increasing the renewable component in its energy usage with strategies like, biomass plants, use of bio-based briquettes for heating thermic fuel, and increase in the renewable content in its Grid energy.

Set up in 2013, the company’s Bhagwanpur Biomass plant has been functioning smoothly allowing the team to significantly increase the Renewable component of its energy. Also with the supply chain issues sorted, Godrej Interio is looking forward to using this form of energy in its other plants as well.

Other energy reduction initiatives include use of energy efficient motors with VFDs, use of auto cut-off mechanisms for PT line pumps, replacement of old air conditioners with new Star rated energy efficient air conditioners, and replacement of T5 tube lights with T8 variants.

Biomass as Energy Source in India

Biomass has always been an important energy source for the country considering the benefits and promises it offers. It is a carbon neutral fuel source for the generation of electricity. Unlike solar and wind, biomass is relatively a more reliable source of renewable energy free of fluctuation and does not need storage as is the case with solar.

But it is not the preferred renewable energy source till now, mainly due to the challenges involved in ensuring reliable biomass supply chain. Biomass from agriculture is available only for a short period after its harvesting, which can stretch only for 2-3 months in a year. So there is a need to have robust institutional and market mechanism for efficient procurement of the required quantity of biomass, within this stipulated short time, and safe storage till it is finally used.

With initial success at the Bhagwapur Plant, Godrej Interio looks forward to lending momentum to Biomass as a feasible fuel option to be considered by industries, across the country.