As the topic of carbon emissions and climate change continues to hold the main stage at various international conferences and discussions, it has becoming increasingly clear to the architect community that reduced energy consumption is the need of the hour.

In this issue of InterEdge, we have showcases some of the new initiatives being implemented in the areas of energy conservation.  There has been a paradigm shift in how experts are approaching this challenge of reducing use of fossil fuel. In the initial phase of Green Building movement, architects would opt for construction and design materials that reduce energy consumption and have low VOC emissions.

Then came the phase where envelopes or facades of the buildings were designed to reduce the heat transfer into the building. This phase saw the revival of several traditional architectural forms in the Middle East and India with the use of intricately designed jalis as external facades for the new buildings.

A look at projects developed over the last couple of years reveals a new milestone in green buildings: the architects are conceptualizing and creating structures that will innately consume lesser energy. From East-West positioning of the structures, to creating large glass frontages to make maximum use of day lighting, to choosing LED lights to reduce the energy consumption, the architects seem to be backward integrating the idea of ‘green’.

And that’s not all. There are innovative geothermal air conditioning systems that relook at one’s understanding of ‘keeping your cool’ at all times; to net zero energy buildings to buildings that are actually generating more energy than they are consuming. These are truly exciting times to be a part of this industry, a time where the industry is evolving at a rapid pace, jogging ahead to  a safer, cleaner future.

What is of particular interest is that these initiatives are not just being implemented in new projects; there are several experiments and innovations being done on existing old buildings as well with retrofits.

With so much happening around the world, we invite to join us as we briefly share some of the new ideas, techniques and technologies in this space!