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Cities are on the rise across the world, creating an undeniable need to speed up the construction process. This need is being acutely felt in young growing economies as their cities face a constant influx of population migrating to urban areas, and most of the cities are still not fully equipped to handle and house the ever growing populations.

The need for speed in construction is coupled with the need for ecological structures, healthy structures, innovative spaces and most importantly, growth friendly city plans. It is a tall order that is set before city planners, structural engineers and architects of today.

Not surprisingly, these multiple demands have led to new solutions in the form of innovations in material – ranging from light-emitting cement to improved anti-rust coating to solar cell panel facades, and much more. On the technology front, 3D printing is going strong, high-end softwares are being developed and used extensively to ensure on-time completion with all stakeholders in the loop on project plans, making the entire process more efficient.

A quick flip through this issue will reveal that change and innovation is definitely the order of the day. This issue of InterEdge shares a few brief notes on some of the interesting developments in the architectural and construction space.
Making buildings and materials more sustainable

… the buildings value chain has huge potential for improving energy efficiency, reducing GHG impacts
and creating economic value through various levers, including new products that reduce building energy
use, modular construction and pre-assembly, improved building materials, process efficiency in cement
and steel, circular business models, and sustainable architectural design. Digitisation and use of new
materials cut across the levers, helping to enable previously inconceivable improvements.

Better Growth, Better Climate: The New Climate Economy Report, published by The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate