The main driver for development of projects on water bodies has been global warming and rising water levels of the oceans. Today, the world is focussing on reduced emissions and smaller carbon footprints, to slow down the rapid pace of our planet’s temperature problems.

As a part of its efforts towards a greener, safer planet, Godrej Interio has been consciously working to reduce its energy consumption and lower its emission levels over the last few years.

Though the energy spends make up hardly 2% of total manufacturing spend, at Godrej interio, there is lot of emphasis on saving this precious resource. Every year, planning for various energy saving projects is done during the annual business planning meeting, where budgets are sanctioned before the start of the new fiscal year.

GI’s energy conservation drive is focused on three major areas:

1) Plugging of energy losses,

2) Avoidance of energy usage in idling time,

3) Shifting to more energy efficient machinery and equipment.

Based on these focus areas, various projects have been undertaken such as implementation of energy efficient motors with VFDs, use of auto cut-off mechanisms for PT line pumps, replacement of old air conditioners with new Star rated energy efficient air conditioners, and replacement of T5 tubelights with T8 variants.

It is interesting to note that the most successful energy saving projects are ones initiated through Kaizens, suggested by the employees working on these machines. GI strives to keep alive this innovative streak amongst the employees by bestowing reward and recognition for efforts by employees in the direction of energy conservation.

GI is consciously working towards increasing the renewable component in its energy usage with strategies like, biomass plants, use of bio-based briquettes for heating thermic fuel, and increase in the renewable content in its Grid energy.

In recent years, with the Bhagwanpur Biomass plant functioning smoothly for major part of the year, Godrej Interio could significantly increase the Renewable component of its energy.

While it does make sense to plan for the future and work on architecture designed to float on water bodies, the need for controlling the alarming rise in the water levels cannot be ignored. At Godrej Interio, we believe, every little bit helps.