The ongoing discussions and measures being taken to move towards nurturing a greener planet has led the green evangelists to push not just for recycling waste, but reducing and reusing waste where possible. Efforts are on to create an awareness around recycling office furniture as well. At Godrej Interio, we have the Wecycle initiative, that reaches out to customers and helps them to keep used furniture out of the landfills.

In this article, we would like to share a few guidelines on recycling programs a company can start as it moves towards becoming increasingly responsible in environmental terms. While recycling is definitely a step in the right direction, reducing resource consumption and waste prevention are more effective methods of keeping the planet green.

Minimise Waste: Companies need to adopt these mindsets top down in every aspect our their business to be able to make a noticeable contribution. Waste is a symptom of an inefficient process. Preventing waste increases efficiency. Increasing efficiency increases profits. Theoretically speaking, it is better to prevent the generation of waste than it is to recycle. You can only recycle waste that you have failed to prevent. So, emphasis must be on reducing waste where possible, then recycle the waste that cannot be avoided.

Recycled v/s New Furniture: Furniture waste is common when organizations are shifting offices, downsizing, replacing worn out furniture in lobbies and reception areas. Certain industries such as the hospitality and private banking, regularly do up their offices to keep their spaces looking fresh.

It may be worthwhile to check if existing material can be reused in the new setting. In cases where the management is keen on obtaining new furniture, efforts must be made to think the purchase through and estimate the life of the furniture in the new spaces. Companies must find ways to stretch the lifespan of their furniture and where the pieces are beginning to look worn out, recycle solutions must be explored.

 Godrej furniture recycling program 

Wecycle is Godrej Interio’s furniture recycling program launched in 2011. The program was developed with the objective of taking complete responsibility for the products we manufacture and to ensure the safe disposal of these products at the end of their useful life. Under this program, the company takes back old furniture from customers and, through its authorized recycling partners, recycles it in the most environment friendly manner.

At the end of the recycling process, the customer receives a reasonable value for the waste furniture sold and a waste management report that describes how their used furniture was recycled. In the fiscal year 2012-13, Godrej Interio received five enquires for recycling services and executed one for 300 chairs, whereby 3155 kgs of material were put back into industrial stream. In 2013-14, the scheme was also extended to GI’s dealer network. Currently, around 11 enquiries are in various stages of implementation.