Among the many elements that increase temperatures within built structures are lamps, heat emitting equipment commonly used in offices, and furniture with high levels of emissions.

In light of this discussion, Godrej Interio recognizes that users spend 90% of their time indoors. Hence the products that inhabit the indoor spaces contribute to the quality of the indoor environment. With the growth of the IT BPO sector in the last decade, the office space per employee in India has decreased rapidly.

It has become ever more important to maintain good indoor air quality in these confined spaces, with good furniture. Accordingly, Godrej Interio has endeavoured to bring to the market more and more low emitting products which comply to global standards like GREENGUARD & SCS INDOOR ADVANTAGE.

GI has received certification for 31 of its platforms (7 ranges of system furniture, 1 storage system, 8 families of chairs, 1 school desk range, 14 home furniture products.)

Wellness by design : At Godrej Interio, a  detailed, new product development cycle is followed. At each phase of its lifecycle, the health and safety impact of all in-house designed products is assessed. These stages include manufacturing, transportation, in-use, and disposal.

In FY 2011-12, the company conducted its first Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), based on  ISO 14044, on one of its most produced product lines, WISH. The purpose of the LCA was to get a more detailed understanding of the impacts of the products over their whole life cycle and use that information in new product development. In subsequent years, LCA has been incorporated as an important tool in all new product design.

BIFMA Level Certification: With BIFMA LEVEL certification for WISH range of modular workstation, Godrej Interio has taken its drive for safer indoor spaces to a new level. This is the first time a system furniture range has obtained BIFMA LEVEL certification.